Welcome to the STARFLEET Promotions Department!


In STARFLEET, promotions up through the rank of Commander (or Lt. Colonel for SFMC) are typically granted by the chapter Commanding Officer.Promotions to Captain (Colonel for SFMC) are typically the responsibility of the Regional Coordinator.Those promotions are usually announced at the chapter and regional level.


Flag Officer ranks are those of Fleet Captain (Brigadier) and above, and those promotions are voted on by the 8-member Executive Committee after reviewing nominations submitted by members.Scroll to the bottom of this page for more information on promotion criteria and how to submit a nomination.

If you have any questions or concerns, you may reach Member Recognition Administrator Linda Kloempken at

Submit a Promotion

If you would like to submit a promotion request for someone who is already Command Grade (Captain/Colonel or above), you may do so online:

  1. First, please read the icon Flag Promotion Criteria (59.45 kB)
  2. Proceed to the Online Form.

    Note: if you would prefer to complete and mail a printed form, please download, print, complete and mail the icon Flag Promotion Nomination Form (206.73 kB)

Recent Promotions (updated August 2013)

To Captain:

Melissa Hadley USS Gygax 4


Fleet Captain / Brigadier

Hayden S Segel USS Potomac 1
Penelope McFadin USS Zavala 3
Shane Russell USS BortaS 12



Thomas Allan Sigmundsson USS Thor's Hammer 9
Julie Rickard USS BortaS 12


Bruce O'Brien USS Southern Cross 11

Marian L Murphy USS Rachel Garrett 3


James Brunton USS Okatoma 2
Mary Kane USS Hornet 1